PopUpPlayLab has been created by Playful Anywhere – a small, not for profit organisation with a social purpose.  Our vision is to help people and places get connected and creative through play and imagination.

Find us in: car parks, swimming pools, community centres, libraries, schools, the end of your street.

Will work with: businesses, schools, communities, local authorities, Furbies, dogs, robots.

Fueled by: big dreams, the power of play and a whole lot of day-glo sticky tape.

Want to play? Book us for a party or event, hire one of our Playboxes (shipping containers full of fun) to visit your workplace or neighbourhood, or get us to plan something bespoke and unforgettable.

PlayLabLeeds has been supported to run a Young Inventors Club programme by Arts Council England, our Toybox shipping container has been supported by Leeds Inspired, Leeds 2023. Everything we do is the result of the energy, commitment and ideas of the many people we meet and play with.