Weʼre raising £5,000 to Help us turn the Pop Up PlayLab & Our Playboxes into spaces for creative play, learning and making for all ages.

Playful Anywhere are a small not for profit dedicated to creating fun places where we make good stuff happen for as many people as possible. We’re dedicated to bringing play and creativity to places all over Leeds and beyond.

So much of what we do with our 2 shipping containers of play takes us all over Leeds, and for the first time ever we’ve got ourselves a centrally located shop, which for the next 6 weeks will be dedicated to inviting people into play, cook up their own ideas and have fun! Beyond that we want to continue making slime, robots, talking toys and much more besides.

Your support in helping us kit out the Playlab, will aid us to keep the momentum going after this comes to an end. Already we’ve had lots of people tell us this is just what the city needs, and have had ideas for feasts, youth clubs, karaoke, games nights, trail making, treasure hunts and children showing us how to make the city more playful.

We need specific kit such as Laptops, PiTops, Tablets, tools, furniture, software, tech support. Our PlayCafe would benefit from seating, and some cafe equiptment. We have plans after this Pop Up to create a permanent HQ for Play in the City Centre and play our part in faciliating the next generation of makers of toys and games, so this totally kick starts our plans for inter galactic domination.

We have set up a list on Amazon for a guide as to what your support will enable, if we can source these with local organisations directly we’d prefer to do that.

We are also keen to relieve you of Lego or if you see anything on the list that you have in great working order we’ll be more than happy to take it off your hands!

Finally there’s a brew with your name on it, anytime we’re open as a way of thanking you for your support.